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Financial Literacy 101

This financial literacy course, was inspired by the writings of Warren Buffett and a team of Harvard Business School alumni. It was designed to equip individuals with a solid understanding of business concepts and a foundational knowledge of investment principles. 

Through our Video Series (12 short videos in total), students will engage in education centered on Warren Buffett's letters, fostering both confidence and financial literacy.

Kraeutler Financial is proud to offer this course, free of charge because we believe deeply in the need for financial literacy and helping better prepare our young professionals to be good financial stewards.

Check out each section below and contact us with any questions you may have. 

Class 1, Part A

This introductory course aims to explore the two questions Warren Buffett considers to be most important for any business education: “What is a company and What are shareholders?"

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Class 1, Part B

Learn what might distinguish good companies with strong economic characteristics from other companies.

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Class 2, Part A

The first part of Class 2 focuses on Warren Buffett’s 1983 Shareholder Letter.

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Class 2, Part B

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