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Class 1, Part A

Intro Course

This introductory course to the world of business, inspired by Warren Buffett, aims to explore the two questions Warren Buffett considers to be most important for any business education: “What is a good company?” and “How do markets work?”

For each of these six classes, you should be watching our Video Series as well as reading select materials, such as: Warren Buffett’s annual shareholder letters and articles on the web, as well as watching key videos, including an HBO documentary. 

This first session begins with the “What is a good company?” conversation and reviews some key concepts including—but not limited to—customer loyalty, management and ethics, profitability, and long-term stock performance. You will learn these concepts as you learn about and explore companies like Coca-Cola, American Express, and Apple.


  1. Read the 2022 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letter.
  2. Answer the questions below. 
    1. What Is a Company? And what is the purpose of a company? Find the answer
    2. What is a Public Company? Find the answer
    3. What is the job of the CEO in a public company? Find the answer
    4. Who does the CEO of a public company report to? Find the answer
    5. What is a share of a company? Find the answer
    6. What is a shareholder in a public company? Find the answer

All public company CEOs say they focus on shareholders, but Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger take this much more seriously than most. What does Buffett write in the very first sentence of this 2022 letter that shows how he thinks of shareholders — something about how he and Charlie Munger have the “job of . . .” what? What are his exact words? 

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